Kind of crazy since I don’t like opposition. Does anybody? I want my way, what I want, without regarding anyone else’s wants. Pause. Long pause. Realization sifts into awareness.

Because I also want to be at peace with those I love. And their wants, their needs sift into my wants, my needs. When I get to be part of bringing comfort, success or simple rest to someone else, that act gives me comfort, success or simple rest.

What I want is important to me. Sometimes.

Like this morning.

I hate yard work, the sweating, bending, weeding, hair in my eyes, grit under my nails yard work. My husband likes it, finds it satisfying, reassuring, peaceful. Husband’s cataract surgery two days ago meant no bending or picking up heavy objects for a week or more.

Yesterday, on cue, two dozen dandelions erupted in the front yard.

Those brilliant yellow faces taunted him. Each little flower means thousands more in a couple of weeks. Before surgery he cut down and pulled the stump of an errant tree in the side yard, making sure that section was ready for a new cover of grass. But dandelions pounced while he slept, eye patch taped in place.

So, this morning (this is me so it wasn’t before 10 or my coffee) when he asked for help, I pulled on garden gloves, took up my bucket and followed him outside. My grumbling stayed inside, mostly, and we got every dandelion we could find. I even pointed out a couple he didn’t see at first.

I still hate yard work, but I love that man. And in this instance, it’s his desire for a dandelion free yard that matters. His comfort matters more than my wants.

And setting my want aside for a moment gives me comfort. Crazy, huh?

Now if I could translate that small window of peace into strength for the bigger opposition in harder battles with people who matter much less. Still chewing on that.