Took a short trip to Palestine. Went through Bethel to get there. Trip lasted two days with no jet lag. We thought about Paris and London, opted to skip Italy this time. While still speaking Texan. Ah, road trips.

Not sure if you can do this in other places but I bet ya can. People name towns for other towns and it creates a wonderful sense of Where Am I Really? In north-central Texas where I live, Midlothian is a 30 drive away, while Rhome is further north by a hour or so, give or take the traffic crunch. Corinth is a bit further, close to Hebron.

Not really sure of all the stories behind the names, but the one about Midlothian is most likely similar to several. Seems as how a homesick engineer, far from his native Scottish hill country worked as a surveyor, laying out routes and roads in early Texas. This particular section reminded him of the faraway place of his birth, and he named the small township, Midlothian.

In Scotland, Midlothian is a farming county, with rolling hills dotted with rocky outcroppings, a good place to raise cattle. Probably not much barbeque though. Steeped in history, lots of castles. In Texas, it’s a warmer version, most of the time, but when you squint, it could look like Scotland. Except we have barbeque.

And we went to Palestine to ride the steam train. Thoroughly enjoyed the town. True east Texas, piney woods and rolling hills with tons of history and pride of place. Did find a great place for barbeque, of course. Shep’s B-B-Q and Catering service. They haven’t changed the décor or the recipes in 30 to 40 years, smoker out back and lots of napkins. Always a good sign.

Sweet tea and marvelous potato salad took a back seat to perfect coleslaw. Not made with sugar, vinegar based to go with the spice in the barbeque sauce, my personal favorite. Husband’s choice, ribs, done exactly the way he likes.

When we go back, I get the ribs and he gets sausage. Hmmm. Best part? No need for a passport, no jet lag and no need to ask if they serve sweet tea. Ahhhh.