Starting a new thing today. Dealing with waiting. Something I’m not so good with. Still, because I am a child of Depression babies, I do know how to wait with anticipation. For those who don’t remember the Great Depression, it was a scary time for most of the world. Massive monetary collapse, in the U.S and every other developed country.

And my parents were born immediately prior to that, so they raised their kids as if it could happen again, at any moment. That meant saving plastic containers, wires, odd bits of furniture all because, You Might Need It and Better to Have It and Not Need it, Than Need It and Not Have It. Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Waiting skills are still in my psyche, kind of rusty but there. Applying them, not so much fun. So, today, I am looking at the value of waiting, for something specific, something expected, something not yet tangible.

Maybe it’s the tangible part. That lovely ah of having what you know is good and right in hand, where you can look at it, appreciate the security of touching it.

Security? Hmmm.

Maybe. The American Heritage dictionary defines security as freedom from risk or danger, safety; a pledge, assurance of the fulfillment of an obligation, confidence. The root word carries a sense of being among your own people.

Now that rings a bell, a good solid peal of all being right and good. I’m one of those who don’t often feel i am among my own people. Large groups, organizational gatherings more often than not turn into quagmires of social trials and traps.

See that word trial? So many times it means trail, as into dark, spooky woods. And that is not secure. Ever.

Finding my own people. Most of them, like me, are wary, especially in places that should be safe, like religious groups. But then there is that word, Religious. Which really means, rules, regulations, requirements. Punitive, forceful social structures of What Is Right because we say so. And don’t ever, ever ask how did they come those conclusions.

That will get you pilloried. As in publically held up to ridicule and debasement. Which was the point of being pilloried, because you won’t do what WE want you to do.

Not so really sure God/Jesus/Holy Spirit has ever been asked to put in His two cents on those issues. All I know for sure is, He tells me to look, look, and look again. He is on the move and His purposes come to fruition.

Which ties into the waiting part. He assures me He has this and He has me. That part I know. For sure. Not a single doubt. He’s never lied to me or dropped me on my head. Some people who claim to speak for Him have done both. And been very proud of it.

He considers me so very important to His plan that He says, Wait. Watch Me do this thing. It will be good.

So, I continue to read, think, pray, rest and praise. He’s got this.