Just got back from a trip through the Panama Canal. It’s been on my list for a long time and it lived up to everything I’d dreamed. We went all the way through from Atlantic to Pacific, with several ports along the way.

Actually going through the Canal took 8 hours (surprised me it took that long) and we were able to see the locks open and close on ships beside us. All the rails were filled with people watching from as many angles as possible.

Learned a lot, not just about the Canal but what it means to the world. At least 20% of the economy of Panama, the country comes from the Canal, for employment, maintenance and development. They made a new wider canal to better service bigger, longer freight ships and cruisers and new taller bridges crossing the Canal.

Several ships go half way and turn around because they’re too tall to go under one of the bridges. Plans are in place to wider and raise that bridge but it’ll take a while.

That region, from Columbia to Nicaragua is a beautiful, lush place, poised to be in a new place for world attention. The mix of peoples amazes me, from indigenous peoples to almost every other continent.

Have a lot to process about what I saw, learned and heard, so in the next few weeks or months, between story installments, I’ll talk about it. And of course, the knitters group was a mine of information and revelation.

But you’ll hear all about it. Later.