A crazy thing about life, the more ya know, it turns out the more ya want to know. And the more ya know ya don’t know. This trip thru the Panama Canal reinforced that realization on me. Again. Well, not just the trip. Seems I’ve been thinking. Again.

LSH (long suffering husband) smiles when I say that. He says it’s to prevent loud fits of laughing. Ah, well. He knows me well.

But back to the original direction… Once I clear out all the debris drifting in on me.

Back! Back, I say!

Now I can see my feet once again. Dust bunnies are one thing, but thought bunnies have burrs.

Original thought trail: The things one learns when least expecting it. Humans are more than flesh/bone/action/reaction. The pretty fantasy of empty oblivion after a moment of existence doesn’t have any legs when you look at what people actually do. We dream, work and know those that come after us will stand on what we produce. And we do this as naturally as breathing.

Buildings, cities, nations. Ever wonder why we create, over and over and over? Nations, like people have life spans, cities and buildings the same. Have a thought, we do this because we know inside in the reality of every individual, Eternity is real. Not just a mental concept, or some filmy word picture. What we do today is part of Eternity.

Just as humans exist knowing Eternity is real, assaults on this certainty happen as well. As in Robert Frost’s poem, where he says “There is something that doesn’t love a wall…”, there is something that doesn’t love humans knowing Eternity is real.

Gotta wonder. And fight that which would steal truth from us. Here I am, tightening up the boxing gloves. And the bazooka.