Today is one of those days. It started out with such hope, fresh promise and my devout desire to Get The Book Out There. Where upon reality laid waste to everything and all I got done was profuse apologies to my husband, God and myself.

The book is only half Out There but I am slogging onward. Okay, so some of that slogging was looking at Pinterest which had some great ideas and a couple of plot points that had to be examined. Okay, all you snickering thoughts in the background should be quiet. So I spend a bit of time on YouTube. Some of that was research. Some.

But I did get some things done. I fixed lunch.

For all those of you from a northern upbringing,  to fix does not always involved with broken things, promises or hearts. To fix as in to prepare is a grammatical construct from the 14th century, as to fasten on or attach. Also used in English around 1809, a situation from which it is difficult to move. Also, usage from the 1600’s referring to preparing a meal, a project or an intended action.

So, I did so some intended actions producing a result. Technology is not always my friend or even acquaintance. One of my goals for this next year will be to no longer view misbehaving computers, programs or graphic design tools as platforms to question the heritage or birth situations of those things. I promise. At least not in the hearing of small children or husbands.

Lunch was tasty, filling and ended with a satisfying dessert. Which I created two days ago. It was the last of the shortbread cookies, and now I have room for some other sweet tidbits. Hmmm. Homemade caramel popcorn?

Appropriate for the evening. And much too sticky for my fingers to achieve any worthwhile writing. I’ll save plotting and dialogue for tomorrow. When I can stop attempting to throttle software. Writing murder mysteries concerning software is so unsatisfying, boring and plebian.

Heavy sigh. Again.