Well, not necessarily conscious, more like today that sticky feeling inside my brain subsided enough so that when someone talks to me, I can formulate a response in less than 5 minutes. Yesterday, more like a 10 minute delay.

And to that end, I profusely apologize to everyone. Even though the fingers were able to work in the previous post, it does not mean the brain had anything to do with what emerged on the screen. Whatever it was.

Now to second apology. Got a new phone and somehow I lost the ability to open or receive emails to my Noble Obligations email account. Heavy sigh. Technology and I are not always friends. Or on speaking terms. So the job today is to contact my tech guy to have him show me (one more time. And the last time, I promise. Or rather hope.) how to fix the issue.

Okay. I have officially done all I had to do in the way of making EveryThing Clear. As if that’s really ever finished. But I do intend it to be so.

In my head, it’s the Jean Luc Picard line from Star Trek: Make it so!

In reality, it more like: Sorry, Oops. Sorry. Let me try again. Duct tape, anyone? Or a nail file?