Boy oh boy. Another book on the shelf.

And that is only half the story. Faithful Reader, by the time you read this, my second book will be on Amazon. Even though it’s all submitted, processed and ready for reading, the proof copy is not yet in my hand. After that, I can hit the final button and it’s out there in the world.

Kiss’N’Kill. Ah, sweetness.

Turns out, this process of having a document available for public perusal is almost if not more work than writing and editing the thing. Who knew?

Me, now.

With the patient, noble help of the writers group (Heart & Soul), my knowledgeable, kind editor Lisa Bell, lots of prayer and the delicate maneuvers of God Almighty, the second book grew from a lovely little germ to a delightful stalker novel. For others to read

Contented smile.

Human frailty is a glorious mine with thick veins of dark/light riches. People are such fun and such messes and their stories call out to be told. In a thousand voices.

The business of getting that story out to other eyes is much rougher than it looks like. Sort of like the sun-kissed mountain top, beckoning the hero onward. Past the dry, windswept desert, with no oasis in sight.

Distant mountain birds call out, and the faint aroma of sweet spice trees, with a delicate hint of water trilling through mossy stone channels call to the hero. They are there, on the horizon, just out of reach, waiting to be experienced.

Sand-laden grimaces bar the way. Desert promises of despairing pain, must be traversed. There are guides, stalwart individuals with hidden knowledge. They can help but first, they must be found. Some appear to be guides, false images, thin paper shredding in the night howls of desert jackals.

And I have crossed the Desert of Dis-publishing. Next is the Wandering Paths of Gathering Readers. Beyond this there be dragons….

No, no, no. Wrong direction.

Beyond this is a new test. The Gathering of readers start in small ways, sometimes including exploding balloons. Or that unknown animal, the Book Launch. I will be scouting out the track of this one. Later.

For now, enjoying the moment.