Here I am working on a new venture. Okay, so not really a venture, and not really new. I mean, the blog is on-going, with an entry every week on Mondays. At least it better be ‘cause I set it up that way.

Technology and I often have these deep philosophical arguments so what I intended may not have occurred. Crazy part is, I’ve used passive voice in so much of this entry, it will have to rewritten. New goal for the year, recognize and squash passive voice as much as possible. Or in this case, leave it in as a slap at technology.

Take that! You mindless machine. As I hear a sniggling chuckle in key clacks.

The new venture I meant is I’m writing a writer’s prayer journal. Didn’t want to kill myself so I opted for a 90 day length. And if I keep to a schedule of three entrys a day, will complete it in a month or so. Heavy on the “or so”. I set goals and schedules. They do not always agree. With me or each other.

A couple of other projects are chugging along. The newest book Kiss’N’Kill is now out on Amazon, kindle and paper versions. That means two book available. And I dipped into the realm of Author Page and Look Inside.

Sounds like something in a fantasy novel. Kinda is, for me at least. For all my moaning about technology, when it works, it is a wonder. To be able to have a print book out there within days or weeks is amazing.

Since I have four other completed manuscripts and a couple of dozen short stories, I can begin final edits and unleash the hounds into the world. Should be interesting. Have also found a new beta reader. A couple actually. That means I get to show the almost ready stuff, get feedback and keep going.

The Nora Holmes series will be completed when the last two books get out of my head and into the computer. Got another book lurking on the horizon but I’m putting it off so I can concentrate. And people wonder where writers get their ideas.

Mostly we try beating them back into order until we get a few hours sleep. I am not the only one. I know. Don’t ask how I know. I just do.

Speaking of, I must go and do some beating back right now. Before the horde escape into that back closet I call a notebook. Last time they managed to get into government files and we who follow the news…well, best left unsaid.