The things you learn when you do housework. And the things you wished you learned before you started. Two very different things.

The thing I learned? That dish liquid must be very strong. I cleaned my oven for the first time in a while. It’s self cleaning but last time I did that cycle, we burned out one of the heating elements. That’s part of one of those things I wished I knew before I started cleaning.

So, still have the oven and it still works, just not as efficiently. And until last Saturday, still grimy. Got an idea off Pinterest to use dish liquid. Turns out if I pour dish liquid on burned on stuff, leave it to soak for about 30 minutes, a lot of the baked on yuck comes off. With a good bit of help of course, but it does work. So, not a total Pinterest fail.

Now the oven is mostly clean and next time I will pour dish liquid on the burned parts, soak and then clean.

The other thing I wished I knew before I started? That my hips, shoulders and thighs are not 35 anymore. Sore in lots of places that I didn’t know I had. Today much better.

And tomorrow will be even better, ‘cause I don’t have to clean the oven again for awhile. I promise, no house hold hints from me. Merely a few house hold rants from time to time.

Oh, and I did get the second book out on  Amazon. Now have MotherLove and Kiss’N’Kill on Kindle and paper. Currently working on a writer’s prayer journal, to be followed by a collection of short stories.

Not really sure what to call the shorts but I do know what the cover will look like. It will have a big bowl of popcorn, a bottle of wine and two pink fuzzy house shoes. As if I’m reading, eating popcorn and drinking wine. Sounds like a lovely evening of fun.

There are lots of good/bad things to be discussed. Like if YouTube is a curse or a blessing. I think both cause I’ve been able to catch up on Nero Wolfe, lots of British mysteries and loads of yarn things. Not really sure if my LSH is as happy with YouTube as I am but he tolerates it.

All this does go under the Things You Learn when you do stuff and the Things You Wished You knew before you Began it. most of my life goes that way. The next project to be tackles will be getting my website corrected on the content stuff. And I’m not much into how to Promote ThySelf so to Sell Thy Books.  Oh, boy. As in, not yah but must do.

I sort of rank that stuff as less fun than scrubbing floors. At least with floors, my intelligence will not be insulted by electronic stuff that is supposed to be ‘intuitive’ whatever that means. Ah, me. Enough whining for now.