Setting goals is a learning process for me. I’m pretty good at the outset, not so hot at the follow-up. For all my whining about artificial constructs, cultural expectations and the tyranny of the urgent, turns out I need a form to follow, a deadline to meet and consequences faced.

Bored yet?

Me too.

Gonna blame the weather for it. Winter—not my favorite season. Still, turns out I need down time, confined and confirmed to finish some projects. Not a cold wind aficionado nor a wet, cloudy day person. Those days drive me inside, huddled into fleecy blankets with the space heater full blast. Accompanied by a hot cup of tea, coffee, apple cider. Fingerless gloves of course and wool socks.

Ahhh. Even writing this makes me feel warmer.

Let’s see, what was I talking about? Oh, yeah. Goal setting.


The need for goals. And how to set them.  That sends a chill down my spine. And up my nose. But I do it because if I don’t, chaos ensues. Left to my own inclination, those ideas in my head would be only in my head, books unwritten, dreams drifting away on spring breezes. Today, I am fulfilling the goal of a blog post written every week. And a new section of a concept laid out daily.

Sounds crazy, huh?

Except the blog post gives me space to open the trunk in my head, delight in one of the old cardboard file boxes, get lost in there for a bit, playing find-the-point-before-I-lose-it. And the section thing? Attempting something I’ve never done before. New territory not on my map at all. Much like trying figure out how to spell words the internal dictionary can’t decipher.

The really fun part? A sense of accomplishment sneaks around the corner of my brain, twinkling at me, then running off to the deeper parts of my character, giggling. Silly writer, tricking me into Getting Things Done.