Especially email addresses. Double Aaaauuuugggghhh.

That vague sense of impending shifts started a few months back. Both Long Suffering Husband and I poked at the idea of changing email addresses. Twenty some years is long ago and far away in tech universe but all our stuff was connected to the old address. I could send attachments, locate contacts, use group mailing lists, do all my business stuff at a keystroke.

But we both ‘felt a disturbance in the force’ kinda. How long would that old address actually work? What if the platform, gasp, updated? And really, what does that mean anyway? I still think of a platform as a wooden structure with support beams, nails assembled for someone or something to stand above eye level. A place to speak from. Now, it’s a mythological abstract you can’t physically touch. But it shifts and business as usual, doesn’t.


Embarking on the trek into getting contact lists reset, contacting each and everyone in our world to let them know Our Email Address Has Changed.

When it’s done and I relearn how to do all the stuff I knew how to do with the old system, in the new way, I will celebrate and stop rolling my eyes. Okay, I won’t really stop rolling my eyes but the comfort levels of how to do anything will be better.

Notice all that future tense stuff? ‘Cause right now, I’m TENSE.

Change? What Change?

Oh, yeah, that change.


Next blog post, I promise, no whining. Well, not as much or on the same topic or maybe even in the same universe. But don’t hold your breath. It requires change, you know. And we all know how that works.