Organizational, I am not.

Okay, okay, you can stop rolling your eyes. I can see that, ya know. And since you did it out loud, hear it as well. You know who you are.

As I was saying, or more exactly confessing, my organizational skills are a tad… primitive. Working on three different projects at the same time, in addition to the other parts of my life which involve people who do Not Write, means I must Get Organized. Or at least fake it until something shifts.

A friend told me how she attends a weekly staff meeting, just her and Jesus. Because she is the staff of one in her business and He does run the show. The same in my life. So, after a second or two of prayer, I decided to try it.

Made a list of really what it is I do. In the writing world, and a couple of other things that repeat in my life.

Which is:

Blog (of course, you know this)

Short stories (they keep popping up)

Books (2 published, 2 completed-not yet published)

Journal (really a book of prayer journaling for writers, will be published soon)

Bible study (personal and with others, couple of studies written but not ready)


Whew. Looks like a lot. Ah, not really. But I do want to keep up with them, ‘cause I do all of it. And it grows all over the floor. Might as well keep up with it.

And of course, family stuff. Grandkids and all that.

I don’t count housework. Or baking, knitting, other fun details. They fit in the corners of the other stuff.

My point is I Must Get A Handle On It All. Crazy, I know. But the crazier part is, it is working. I mean, not crazy that He does do stuff but my own follow through is not always a given.

So far, I’ve actually accomplished what we discussed on our first staff meeting. Blog entry, done. Prayer Journal entry, done. Letter writing, done. And I do have time for lunch. Hmmm. Can’t wait for tomorrow to see what happens.