Ever heard of a purpose statement? You know, that pithy, short sentence that reminds you the point of whatever it is you’re attempting to do? Heard a gentleman suggest we all need a purpose statement for our life, a reminder to put in front of my mind so I know when I’m off track. Or in my case, wandering through those crates in the storage building I call my mind.

Funny part is, wandering around is sometimes part of my purpose. The fun of wandering is actually finding a treasure not looking like treasure, brushing it off and discovering it’s exactly what I was looking for, while avoiding the TASK everyone else says is what You Should Be Doing.

Ah. Treasures hidden in darkness.

Kinda think an aspect of my purpose is to open painted over doors, lift sealed windows so others can find their own treasures which may not look treasurable or much less tidy results. Life gets messy.

And wandering is sometimes the only way to find the real path.

So, got a challenge for ya. In the next few days, steal a moment or two to write down your own Purpose Statement. What are you here for?

If you write, put down the words of your search. If you bake, dream the flavors of your recipe. If you build, sketch out the design of your structure.

Prepare to be surprised, scared, delighted and befuddled.