Yeah? And what’s that mean? Besides corrupting a perfectly good line by Bill Shakespeare.

Started a new disciple recently, 15 minutes a day . During those 15 minutes, ideas, concepts, results all flowed with precision. Half way through the flowing, I got the Holy Nudge: write ‘em down.


A cohesive, realistic to do list with steps to achieve each one of those Today Tasks. One of which was to create a blog entry on what writing is for me. Crazy, I know.

Writing for me is a release, a safe place where I can tell stories from my head onto paper. Or simply explore concepts and structures I want to understand. No one else has to see them, hear them or even agree with those creations inside my own head.

The sweetness?

A good place to be myself.

The sorrow?

That I fear. But my private writing, is a laboratory for me to gut through what’s real and what’s an ephemeral creation of fear. And that work makes me stronger in me.

The craziest part is I didn’t always think I had that right. But Long Suffering Husband, he always gave me the space, encouraged the thinking. Even when he didn’t get what or where I was going mentally, he encouraged or sometimes shoved me into taking time to look deeply.

The man is Amazing.

But wait! This blog started out about me!

Aha. Now I see.

Most of what we think is about us is really about those around us and how they deal with us. The us of this world, those who observe, ponder, question, resolve then act or continue watching, we need places to do that kind of work.

‘Cause it is work. And we know it.

And I suspect, every us has someone who comes along side to help us find our own laboratory. Often a tangible human, because we are tangible and we are human. God made us that way on purpose.

‘Cause He is God and He knows what He’s doing. Ponder that for 15 minutes and see what happens.