Been working on a couple of things lately. Okay, more than a couple but at the top of the list, two projects only.

On top of the stack, a trilogy kind of thing, three books of writing prompts combined with a writer’s prayer focus is a smidgen ahead of getting a manuscript out of my head and onto paper. And as I think (and write) about it, actually two other manuscripts.

The writer’s prayer journal, broken into three volumes, is a quicker thing so I use it as a jump start to the manuscripts. Funny how working on something for other people to use actually helps me write my own material for me. And yes, most of the time the writing really is for me. Keeps me off the streets and out of trouble. Sometimes. In truth, off the streets only.

Now if I could just find a way to keep my mouth shut while in public…But that’s another battle I choose not to fight today.

Back to the point.

Projects. What they are and what they do.

You have projects? Betcha do. Most people do. Those things you really want to touch, deal with, arrange and send out into the world. Except life gets in the way, gotta make a living, time is short, it’s a half baked idea, as a general rule.

Oops, got caught in the loop there.

My projects exist in my head, in notebooks and on my desk. And in my knitting basket. Sometimes they languish in limbo because I lose focus. More than once, an outside event jostled me into action and all over again, I learn the delight of finishing a project.

In the last 30 years, I’ve written seven book length manuscripts, 23 short stories and a handful of blog posts. Two of the books are now published, accessible to the public. A third book is about to go into editing. By the end of the year, the short stories will be in book format, ready to be edited for publication.

And it’s the prayer journal that got me over the most recent bump in the road. The prayer journal started because a friend (who writes/edits/publishes) encouraged me to Try Writing It.


Because of her words, this three part Writers Prayer Journal is well past half way done. The end is in sight, done in 30 day segments with book covers in design.

Friends don’t let Friends Stop Writing. Especially when the writing matters. A grateful hats off to faithful friends.