How much time is lost every day? Lost time, lost reward.

4 hours a day on the phone? Really? Really. Life is a series of moments, cast to the wind, to fulfill what?

What matters most? Me or what I think is me?

Is this small thing worth my time?

What is worth my Time?

What is my time worth? A quick glance at my Instagram page or telling my husband He makes my heart happy? Which has more value? Picking up that sweater I tossed on the chair or getting out the door before traffic backs up? And if I’d put the sweater away in the first place, it might not have that stain from the chocolate syrup dripping from the edge of my bowl last night? Really?

Not my fault. Life gets in the way. It does.

In the way of what?

What I really want to do, or what I let myself do?


Sudden thought. Intrusive thought at that. Responsibility.

That I take note of the response in me to events around me? Refuse to assign blame or claim blame, but notice my own response. Hmmm.


Noticed, examined, responded to.


Gotta think about this.