Finally got finished published copies of both my books in my hands. Whew.

MotherLove and Kiss’N’Kill

It’s the craziest thing to hold a solid object made of your own thoughts and imagination. Or to see a movie set, with props, actors, production people, camera and light techs all interacting to display the story a writer created out of mental wisps.

Wildest belly flopping emotion.

Quickly followed by the stupefying realization it must all be done again. Quickly, because the audience/public/readers want more.

The ideas pour out. The skills get better and smoother. And it’s fun to disappear into the wonder of creation. But I can’t help but think, when that mushroom cloud swelled across New Mexico skies, did the scientists quiver, just a bit?

Not that my stuff is atomic bomb magnitude to anyone else but me. Still, tummy turning.

Even writing this blog post today makes shivers that were never there before. And yes, I tried to rewrite that last sentence six times to get rid of ‘that’. Sometimes, ‘that’ is necessary.

So, once again the name is out there, books are presented before other eyes and I am at work producing more. The Writers Prayer Journal (in a set of three 30 day entries) is half way through the writing process so it should be ready by November this year.

More sweaty palms to come.