Been thinking about the words ‘on purpose’. Doing a bible study on Genesis 1 and there is a lot of ‘on purpose’ going on there. The physicality of the earth, our bodies and the way all the details of life maneuver together.

God could have stayed completely in the spiritual realm, not bothering with anything physical. Yet, He moved in the physical. On purpose. He meant to do it, knowing all the ramifications of His actions. He purposed to create a physical universe, purposed planets, and then purposed inhabitants that could choose to interact with Him.

On purpose.

A big thought there. Not really sure this particular brain can do more with it. But I want to. Really want to.

Inside my brain, or maybe it’s not the brain, but inside the real me, lights grow and mingle while impressions ebb into nearly solid images as textures and vibrations emit aromas both warm and crisp, soothing and tart.

Senses ease then sharpen to soft awareness.

On purpose.

He meant to do it and I have a choice to examine this. Or not.

The invitation still stands, the RSVP on my tongue.