Do I value the physical more than the spiritual? Or maybe the other way around? And if I do, why? Should I?

What is it that assumes one matters more than the other? If you read my last post, betcha have an idea of where this is going. Or not, ‘cause it is kinda vague.

Reading and re-reading Genesis 1 led me farther down this path. Started examining it when I read Heaven by Randy Alcorn. The ideas he posed in his book struck a note with me, so I followed the sound.

Could it be we are as spiritual and we are physical, as physical as we are spiritual? To parts of a whole that must be looked at as a whole. It does seem most of our culture ignores the one for the other.

Are both sides simply sides, viewing themselves as the whole?


And just because something is spiritual doesn’t mean it’s good. The original sense of the word good was benefit, advantage, gift, virtue, property. In biblical Hebrew, it meant connected, functional, fulfilling, satisfying. The word evil meant wicked, diseased, vicious, ill. In biblical Hebrew it meant apart, separate, dysfunctional, devouring.

Lots of food for thought.

The physical can be twisted or broken, the spiritual as well.

As I write, still thinking. Considering.

Humans are both spiritual and physical. Both can be twisted, misused. Both can be glorious, in order. God knew that before we came to be.

More thinking. Pondering.