For a few weeks, been thinking. Wow, I know, that remark is shocking in so many ways. And in the edit phrase of writing, it may vanish into the ego driven trash can.

Apparently, that first paragraph made the cut. Hmmm.

Thinking about prayer. A big topic right now, for lots of people. There is the What-in-the-world-is-going-on prayer, the Oh-God-make-it-stop and the all time favorite Bless-us-O-Lord.

And they are legit, to the point, honest prayers. So, no dissing here. If we’re honest, we all pray that way a good bit of the time.

What about the other prayers? The one’s we really don’t want to say out loud but that sneak out of us. The question prayer, despair prayer, mad, passionate glory prayer and the prayer offered in real agony, hoping against hope that somehow God will hear and respond.

What is this crazy thing our hearts do? Out loud or in the head, this desire to communicate with the Creator of the universe, He who made us from the dust of the ground and breathed His life into us. Different from everything else created, formed by His hands, He intentionally filled our lungs with His breath. And we give it back to Him when we pray.

But what actually is it, this prayer thing?

A quick scan (Wikipedia) on prayer reveals where there’s people, there’s prayer. We’ve been doing it and writing about it for at least 5000 years. And most likely arguing about it just as long.

The core thing of prayer seems to be an action taken to communicate some need or desire to something more powerful than the prayer. Some people don’t like it, don’t understand it and don’t want anyone to do it. But we persist.

The Lord God Almighty says for us to seek His face, Call on His name and trust Him. That is prayer.

Much to unpack, more to mull over, and maybe just maybe, try more than a moment a day? Not a mental game but a physical interaction. Aloud or under your breath, alone or with a trusted friend. Group act and private conversation.

What could or would God do with us if we do this one thing?