And here I thought it a short hiatus. Silly, silly. The intent was a break from blogging would give me time to regroup, reconsider and then get back into the pattern. But life, and a few other influences (you know who you are) moved life around.

One thing that didn’t move was the desire to explain, entertain or provide a different perspective on what goes on in other people. And with that intact, I should be able to blather on about almost anything.

Especially words and what happens to people using words. Y’all know how words shift in meaning and usage, telegraphing or sometimes hinting at shifts in culture and mindsets. As the resident amateur in this arena, I spend a good amount of time poking among dictionaries, encyclopedias and various hiding places for the meaning of words. When I was younger, the idea of word study did not occur to me. It was that fun thing I did to satisfy the itch to Know Stuff.

Heavy sigh.

Or pondering murmur.

For the most part, I intend to use this blog to sniff around words, sussing out their history, use and what happened to various ideas/words along the way.

Suss. See that one?

Haven’t had a chance to investigate that one yet. But I will. Most likely tomorrow. Or The next day.  Got a couple of things on my plate for the next day or so.

But I’ll be back. With meanings and musings.